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Nampz on Twitch

 Nadine is 26 years old and lives in Germany. She is currently a student at college and enjoy playing video games whenever she finds time.
She is pretty new to the twitch community and only started streaming recently.
First stream: 08.02.2019 

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BerryBibes Twitch

About Berry.

My friends call me Donny or Berry. FPS games are my bread and butter. I've been gaming since I was about 6 years old on Sega Genesis and I've had just about every gaming system since. I started streaming hardcore in June, Affiliated in July.

I play beach flag football on weekends and I play in a men's basketball league during the week. Sports are one of my passions. Gaming is obviously another.

I've lived in California my whole life but love to travel and am currently residing in South Texas. Texas is my second home but I was raised in SoCal in the Southern way.